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Adobe After Effects

For those belonging to the creative and graphics development profession New Horizons brings its Adobe After Effects training course. Since Adobe After Effects is a very sophisticated software used for motion graphic manipulation and editing, we at New Horizons believe that it is crucial to provide you with an in-depth knowledge about the program. Thus, these courses are designed keeping in mind that need.

In New Horizons Adobe After Effects training courses you will learn all you need to know about visual effects, films, audio and multimedia. So whether your work is broadcasting or that of a graphic designer these courses cover all the techniques you need to significantly improve your command over Adobe After Effects.

Our Adobe After Effects training courses are taught by industry-experienced and Adobe-certified professionals because at New Horizons, we believe in offering you the best value for your money by hiring the experts only. This ascertains that you learn Adobe After Effects in great detail so that you know all its practical applications.

Adobe After Effects training courses at New Horizons was developed to teach you how to use this immensely powerful tool for creating an extensive variety of audio and visual effects. In the view of the fact that Adobe After Effects is an indispensable mean of high quality video and audio production we make sure that at New Horizons you are equipped with advanced technological workstations to better learn and use this software.

Adobe After Effects CS6

Adobe Training
After Effects CS6 Introduction


Course Outline

After Effects CS6 Advanced


Course Outline

What will I learn?
  • import your media assets and selectively view your assets prior to importing them
  • organised your assets so they can easily be found.
  • animate your assets
  • refine your animations so they look professional
  • create, modify and animate shapes - including creating shapes from text
  • create and use solid layers, null objects and adjustment layer
  • apply, modify and animating modifications of various effects applied within AE
  • use one object to control other objects How to play with time How to colorist, correct, grade and change the color and feel of you assets with color correction tools and blending tools
  • create, modify and animate text
  • create your own presets and use and modify built-in presets
  • create and use masks and mattes
  • work with green or blue-screen shot footage and composite that footage over new background
  • motion track footage and add elements to your footage using that tracking data
  • stabilize your shaky footage
  • animate a still image with the puppet tool
  • export your production directly from AE and through the Adobe Media Encoder
  • How to use the Advanced Colour functionality
  • To work with to Expressions
  • How work in 3D
  • To use Particle Systems
  • To use Advanced Keying
  • How use the Time functionality in After Effects
  • To work with the new Camera Mapping function in CS6
  • How to use Mocha for After Effects