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New Horizons English Language Program

Learn English at New Horizons!

Course Overview

New Horizons Computer Learning Center of Bangladesh has started the English Language Program. We have analyzed the market and found the demand of English. The focus will be the basic, mid and expert level of English. As non-native speaker, we have to develop and use our English professionally. In this reference, New Horizons CLC of Bangladesh offers different English Programs.

We are offering the course for:

  • School/College/University Students
  • Job Seekers
  • Professionals

Course Objectives

  • To make strong foundation in English.
  • To be familiar with Basic English.
  • To develop inner English Knowledge of a person.
  • To develop the reading, analytical, and critical skills of the disciplines.
  • To acquire the ability to communicate correctly and effectively within and about the disciplines.
  • To make a person strong competitor for the next level of study.
  • To make a job seekers confident with English.
  • To upgrade the professionals for a better position.


  • NH General English Program
  • NH Business English Program
  • IELTS Preparation Program