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Cybersecurity Training at New Horizons Dhaka

Who is Keeping Your Information Secure?


As more and more confidential information is stored and processed electronically, the risk of unauthorized access is on the rise. Data breaches and attacks make protection critical.

At New Horizons Dhaka, our cybersecurity training programs are designed to ensure your organization is at a significantly reduced risk of an information breach and also minimizes negative impacts should a breach occur.

Cybersecurity courses and certifications are primarily created by vendor-neutral vendors such as CompTIA, (ISC)² and EC-Council. These organizations are committed to setting strict security standards that any organization can implement. Earning certifications from these vendor-neutral organizations is an ideal way to prove your skill and knowledge to your employer.

Which Path is Right for You?

Today being security-aware is not something required only of IT and Cybersecurity Professionals. It is the responsibility of everything in an organization to have at minimum a foundational understanding of security issues and vulnerabilities.

The New Horizons Cybersecurity portfolio of courses is designed to provide security training no matter your level of experience or requisite need. Please click the buttons below to explore our interactive Cybersecurity Maps and find exactly the right training path for you!

We offer cybersecurity training and certification from the following vendors:

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