Oracle Database 11g - Administration I

Course Overview

This Oracle 11g training course will allow the student to gain the skills necessary for day-to-day administration of an Oracle database.

Who Should Attend

The primary audiences for this course are: Database administrators Web server administrators System administrators Implementation specialists Data center support engineers Senior application designers and developers

Course Objectives

Major tasks to be considered within this course are:

  • Configuration of the Linux and MS Windows operating systems in anticipation of a database installation
  • Server Class installation of the Oracle 11g R2 Enterprise Edition database
  • Verification of a valid database installation
  • Database administrator interface options, including the use of Enterprise Manager, command-line SQL*Plus, and terminal console SSH
  • Database deinstallation
  • Online software patching
  • Startup and shutdown of database services and related software components
  • Super administrator authentication options
  • An in-depth exploration of the database architecture, including memory, process and data structures, and the management of those structures.
  • Management of database files.
  • Specialized facilities intended to maximize performance of enterprise-scale transactional applications, such as the shared SQL and PL/SQL cache, the Result Cache, the database buffer cache, and other similar components.
  • Management of security policies and procedures, including administration of user accounts, roles, privileges and profiles.
  • Utilization of advanced self-tuning and self-management capabilities, including the use of Oracle-Managed Files, database Advisors and other components of the Management Framework.
  • Performance monitoring, problem troubleshooting, and resolving lock and conflict issues.
  • Using the Oracle Enterprise Manager and SQL interfaces for administration tasks.
  • Control over database support services, including the Database Control, Oracle Net and others.
  • A primer on backup and recovery structures and strategies.
  • Operating system-specific considerations for various platforms, especially Linux and MS Windows Server.
  • Next Steps and Related Courses

    Course Outline

    1 - Installation and Upgrade Volume

    • Configuring the Server for Installation
    • Enterprise Edition Installation
    • Verify the Installation
    • Upgrade, Deinstallation and Patching

    2 - Volume A

    • Manually Starting & Stopping Database Services
    • Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture: General
    • Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture: Instance Memory
    • Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture: Instance Processes
    • Creating an Oracle Database
    • Enabling Transparent Data Encryption
    • Manage Databases Storage Structures: TableSpaces
    • Manage Database Storage Structures: Advanced TableSpaces
    • Manage Database Storage Structures: Data Files & Temp Files
    • Managing Undo Data

    3 - Volume B

    • Network Environment: Oracle Net Services
    • Network Environment: Oracle Shared Servers
    • Security: Implementing Database Security
    • Security: Administering User Security
    • Moving Data: SQL Loader
    • Moving Data: Export & Import
    • Database Maintenance & Performance Monitoring
    • Managing Concurrency & Locks
    • Backup and Recovery Concepts and Configuration